What is BDSM sex?

BDSM is a term to describe dominance, submission, and control aspects involved. This approach usually involves one party being more dominant when having sex, while the other being more compliant. The BDSM can be divided into the following categories:

  • Bondage: Restrictions on the freedom of the partners of the movement, for example, ropes, handcuffs or other restrictions.
  • Discipline: Agree to the rules and penalize the main partner to impose control on a submissive partner.
  • Dominance: Behavior that shows dominance over the physical partner during sex or outside the bedroom.
  • Submission: Denotes obedience to the behavior and desires of the dominant partner.
  • Sadism and Masochism: The partner may be pleased by physical or emotional pain or receiving pain.

There are a lot different types of BDSM games – power play, role-play, pain play, bondage, wax play, sensory deprivation, humiliation, or wax play.

“Although some people think that BDSM is ‘kinky’, in some cases it doesn’t have to involve sex at all – the mental connotations of some acts are more of a turn-on than the prelude of a particular act leading to sex,”

by Annabelle

BDSM informed consent between individuals is called SSC (Safety, Reason and Consensus) or RACK (Risk Awareness Consensus Kink).

It can be a word that has nothing to do with sex, such as “apple”, just like as long as you all agree that the safe word you choose means that everything must stop until the situation is resolved.

“Many specific practices by lovers who indulge in BDSM are performed in neutral, mutually consenting relationships. This emphasis on informed consent is of paramount importance when carrying out a BDSM act because BDSM often involves varying degrees of pain, physical restraint and servitude.”

by Annabelle

There’s also a safe word system called “Traffic light”

  • Red: Means stop.
  • Yellow: Mean slow down.
  • Green: Means go for it.

Here are types of BDSM play:

  1. Age Play
  2. Bondage
  3. Biting
  4. Breast Torture
  5. Breath Play
  6. Caning
  7. Chastity
  8. Collaring
  9. Cock & Ball Torture
  10. Cuckoldry
  11. Cupping
  12. Domination and Submission
  13. Edge Play
  14. Electrostimulation and Electro-Play
  15. Face sitting
  16. Feederism
  17. Fire Play
  18. Fisting
  19. Flogging
  20. Foot Worship
  21. Genitorture
  22. Gun Play
  23. Hair pulling
  24. Ice play
  25. Impact Play
  26. Knife Play
  27. Mummification
  28. Needle Play
  29. Nose Torture
  30. Orgasm Denial
  31. Orgasm Torture
  32. Pegging
  33. Pet Play
  34. Piss Play
  35. Pony Play
  36. Pussy Worship
  37. Rape Fantasy
  38. Role-Play
  39. Humiliation Play
  40. Scat Play
  41. Sado-Masochism
  42. Sensory Play
  43. Sensory Deprivation
  44. Self BDSM
  45. Sounding
  46. Spanking
  47. Suspension Bondage
  48. Tickle Torture
  49. Wax Play
  50. Whipping Play

I can’t say I am addicted on BDSM, because there’s a lot I haven’t try it yet, and I am afraid to try. (fisting!?) Some of them I quite enjoy it with my lover. Both of us have agreement of safe word and traffic system.

The most part that I’ve been enjoy so far of course if dress up. I love to wear sexy one to show how nasty I can be. I enjoy sex and I willing to try new stuff with my lover. Everything have to be safe and clean, so we only have each other as sex mate.

Later on, I will post some BDSM lingerie, accessories, and toys…etc. Please stay tuned!! xoxo

Lingerie – Vinyl & Latex

What is Vinyl & Latex Lingerie? Why?

The vinyl & latex are mostly smooth texture, elasticity, and to some fetishes, pleasing or attractive color and scent. The brain of a fetish person will notice the similarities between latex clothing or accessories and healthy, strong and youthful skin. Latex is firm and smooth. I short, in the eyes of fetishists, latex may represent the ideal of perfect skin, so it is seen as attractive and desirable.


OMG! I love this pinky pinky latex lingerie so much! Look how cute it is? Never thought latex lingerie can be so adorable just like a little Princess.


This latex lingerie set is quite cool and give me a feeling of cat women. It kind of cover a whole body but still can easily show off the body curve.


I am so obsessed this kind of latex lingerie. The design is so unique and special. I never seen this kind of latex lingerie in the market. Mostly are pretty like bdsm style.

See It Clear Lingerie Set by Foxy Lingerie

My favorite leopard prints. I barely see prints latex lingerie in the market, so this set is quite cool tho. I love it and I’m gonna put into my shopping list. (smile)

Vinyl High Neck Teddy by Foxy Lingerie

A quite classic vinyl teddy lingerie. I also have this piece and my lover love it so badly. It doesn’t need to take off and still can do whatever you want to do…

Dark Imagination Vinyl Lace Up Bodysuit by Foxy Lingerie

I love the strap design on the body part. It looks a bit complicated but so sexy at all.


The white latex lingerie looks quite unusual, but I like the design, it might be able to wear when dating or party.


Yes…My lover asks me to buy this bondage set for next weekend…I always like bondage lingerie for special occasions. (evil smile)


Wow! Does it look like white Christmas outfits? It looks so amazingly adorable and nasty.

Red high cut vinyl bodysuit by Sexy Lingerie Land

Red vinyl bodysuit definitely is a must-buy item. It’s so hot like on fire and attractive.

Black vinyl catsuit by Sexy Lingerie Land

The black vinyl catsuit can be wear to party or night out, even Halloween.

People who like to wear latex may experience the feeling of youth and strength, and can imagine that they are the healthiest, best, and perfect self. Those who like to see others wearing latex can recognize and experience these qualities of their partner, thereby enhancing their sexual desire for them.

Full coverage from head to toe, such as a full body catsuit or gimp suit, can further enhance this feeling. In addition to safety and protection, latex can also create a sense of mystery and anonymity. A person wearing a full-length latex suit is completely unrecognizable, their identity is hidden, and even their faces are hidden from view. This will add an element of adventure and add love to the sexual contact.

Lingerie – Pajama Sets

What is Pajama Sets? Normally its a top with a bottom, or dress with robes. It can made by any materials depends on seasons. It doesn’t have any particular style, as long as it makes you feel comfy. So it can also called as Loungewear which is wear in the house.


I especially like silky dress, it makes me feel extremely comfy and sexy. The silky fabric touch your skin can be so smooth and cool.


This is also silky dress but with a bit of design – lace. I like the back with see-through design which makes this dress so gorgeous!

Pyjama Shirt by Agent Provocateur

This sets is a classic one – silk shirt with shorts. Besides, this style is quite easy to find a match pair with your partner. Let’s have couple sleepwear?

Dressing Gown by Agent Provocateur

The silk robe also called as grown. You can wear a sexy bra sets or a dress inside to keep it mystery. (smile)

Short Slip by Agent Provocateur

I love everything with leopard prints! This one is made by silk satin which is also very skin-friendly.


This pajama sets is one of my favorite. The crop cami with shorts made my see-through fabric. Love it! Especially that cute short can easily see your sexy butt.

I’m Done With My Nightdress by MAIMOCO

The dress with robe is a must-buy items. Especially the black color can simple match with any color of other sets.

I Know You Know Nightdress by MAIMOCO

I am in love with this dress. Love the wine color with silk. The breast design and the back design are so sexy af…(haha)

We Mesh Together Pajama Sets by MAIMOCO

Another set that I really like. See that cutie shorts!! This sets is quite cute and romantic feel. You can be so sexy and naughty at the same time. (angel vs devil)

There are so many different style of pajama sets in the markets. The quality are all quite nice with reasonable price. You always can find some goodies in like Macy’s, especially in some certain big sales season.

Lingerie – Neon

Do you like neon clothes? I love all of it from swimsuit, daily outfit, or even lingerie. I love to go rave when I was in college. I always wear neon color of top or short or accessories mix and match it. That was a wonderful memories ever for me.

2110 Clara Swimsuit Neon Pink by Haute Flair

This neon pink swimsuit is quite stylish. You will easily catch people’s attention on the beach for sure.

Slutty Tiny Bikini Mesh Micro Bikini Monokini Bra Set by Haute Flair

Hm…slutty tiny bikini…(evil smile) Alright, I wouldn’t dare to wear this on the beach for sure…but why not in the room?

2011 Palmer Set by Haute Flair

This Palmer set definitely can wear to rave or party in the night club. It looks so comfy and no need to worry exposed.

My Own Rhythm Neon Sleeveless Bodysuit by Maimoco

I like this neon bodysuit, it’s so easy to pair with any outfits. It has so many different neon color as well.

Like A Girl Lingerie Set – Pink by Maimoco

My favorite neon bra set. I also have one set in my closet. My lovers loves it so bad when I wear it every time. (smile)

You May Look Bra Sets by Maimoco

I love this neon lace makes so romantic. I will get one set for sure. Love it!

Lingerie – Leather

What is Leather Lingerie? Where could one purchase leather lingerie? Leather lingerie maybe not that popular as other types of lingerie, but the materials surely can bring another feelings. Leather is soft and doesn’t itch or scratch your body. You will feel cool at first then later it will warm up when you wear it.

The leather will adjust itself according to the contours of your skin, making it a delicate underwear that is exposed, making your body more attractive. The leather lingerie may be one of the most attractive and alluring items you wear. You can choose something bold and beautiful, such as leather thongs and bikinis. If you like to be less adventurous, a pair of leather hot pants or a corset should be suitable for beginners.

Taylor Faux Leather Dress Black by Pleasurements

I love this leather dress so much, I would like to wear it for party later on.

Sweety Faux Leather Catsuit Black by Pleasurements

This one called Catsuit. It surly really attractive for me. You can wear it to like a Halloween party.

Red Hot Leather Harness by Pleasurements

Hm…Who’s go for this one? (me!me!me!) Love it! That’s all I can say it now. The red harness totally show off your whole body.

Montana Leather Soft Cup Bra by Anya Lust

This leather bra sets is quite classic. I love the simple design but not too simple. The leather texture really brings it to another level.

Slade Wired Body Black by BLUEBELLA

This is the leather mix with mesh bodysuit. The leather details are really beautiful. It makes this bodysuit not look cheap but pricey.

Slade Suspender Harness With Detachable Harness Black by BLUEBELLA

This is another leather harness. I always love harness so bad. The reason is not only its super sexy but it makes me feel like a dominant. (smile)

Plus Size Faux-leather corset G-string by HAUTEFLAIR

Surly, who says there’s no plus size of leather lingerie? Look at this leather corset is absolutely stunning on her body.

Wet Leather Lingerie Look One Shoulder Bodysuit by HAUTEFLAIR

Last one is the most fashionable piece one. The one shoulder bodysuit with two types of different fabrics make it so stylish. This is not just a lingerie anymore.

Lingerie – Fishnet

Jole Netting Dress White by Pleasurements

What is Fishnet Lingerie? Fishnet is a hosiery with an open, diamond-shaped knit. Most of are used as a material for stockings, tights, gloves or bodystockings.

Why fishnet? It technically considered to be a sexy cloth which may serve as a component of sexual fetishism by men. It usually used as undergarment and in as much as defines curves by applying a grid close to the body.

Are fishnets flattering? I am sure it is. It just like sheers but definitely more flattering.

Halter Fishnet Bodystocking by Haute Flair

This is a really classic fishnet bodystocking. As you can see it’s just like a bodysuit but connect to the stocking with whole body.

Lovesick Sexy Crotchless Bodystocking by Haute Flair

I like the lace part on this piece. It is surly wearable in any occasion with any skirt or pants on it.

Romance In The Air Lingerie Sets by Maimoco

I love this fishnet bra sets. It looks quite modern and stylish. It can be so cool and so sexy at the same time.

Love the pink one~!

Like A Girl Lingerie Set by Maimoco

Love this neon color. I would like to wear this set to go rave or party. (smile)

Hold Ups Fishnet Leg/Plain Top Black by BLUEBELLA

I have so many different type/color of stockings. Of course this kind of fishnet stockings is the must-have in my wardrobe. It can be easily pair with any outfits, no need to be only in lingerie part.

Fishnet Socks Black by Pleasurements

I love this pair of cutie socks. It is so fashionable and adorable! Mine order is on the way, what are you waiting for? (smile)

Lingerie – Bustiers / Corset

Soraya Bustier Black by Pleasurements

What is Bustiers / Corset? The Bustiers is almost the same as Corset. They are quite fitted to the body. Both are fasten at the front with hooks or eyes or a busk, and normally lace up the back. A bustier and a corset are difference between intended clothing. Corsets are usually intended to give a smooth line from the cinched-in waist to the bust. Bustiers are designed to emphasize the curves of women and tend to push the breasts up together to form cleavage.

Cerelia Bustier Green by Pleasurements

This green bustier is in my must buy list. I really like the design with that silky fabric and flora embroidery on it. It looks extremely elegant and delicate.

Merida Bustier Light Blue by Pleasurements

Love this baby blue color even the design is quite nasty? (smily)

Cherise Basque by Agent Provocateur

This bustier definitely can curve your body. Those lines across whole body to make it looks super curvy.

Wynona Sleeved Corset by Agent Provocateur

I quite impressed with this one, because it is design for daily outfit for sure. Love the sleeves design brings different style to this corset. Is it a bit Victoria era feeling?

Avah Corset Body by Agent Provocateur

Please wrap me as a gift! OMG! I love this one so bad. See the waist design is like a super cute bow tie.

Sunlight Corset by Anya Lust

The warm yellow and the elegant design bring this corset a French country mood.

Madame x Corset by Empress Mimi

I always like lingerie that be able to wear when hang out without embarrassing. This baby blue corset with that amazing sleeves, tell me, who won’t fall in love with that?

I love to put every different types of lingerie together to make into another brand new style. I like to be creative and explore everything. Will you join me then? I will share more sexy related items soon. Stay tuned! xoxo

Lingerie – Bridal

WISH Bustier – Ivory by Simone Perele

What is Bridal Lingerie? A bridal lingerie is a collection of possessions, such as clothing and jewelry. A bridal lingerie can be not just a lingerie set to wear on the wedding night. It also can be a collection of items to wear when in rehearsal dinner and wedding day, even to honeymoon. Normally the bridal lingerie is white color means pure and innocent.

Stella Lace Teddy Lingerie & Mesh Garter Set by HAUTEFLAIR

This is a quiet classic bridal teddy lingerie. The lace shows romantic and the see-through on the belly is quite attractive.

Lindie Gown by Agent Provocateur

I love this set of bridal lingerie. It comes with a gown to make it looks luxury and high-end. The whole see-through fabric definitely go for honeymoon. (smile)

Lindie Suspender by Agent Provocateur

This sea blue bridal lingerie is a bra set with gather. Its a bit fairy feeling and also really feminine. It is a pretty easy to mix & match set.

Rozlyn Suspender by Agent Provocateur

This is a really classic white bridal lingerie bra sets also come with gather. I love the half-bra design. It looks extremely sexy.

Rubi Plunge Underwired Bra by Agent Provocateur

This bridal bra sets is quite naughty and super duper sexy. Who says bridal only can be innocent? (devil smile)

Hinda Slip by Agent Provocateur

I quite like this one-piece of lingerie. It makes me feel like baby doll and bridal style. It can be wear daily as pajama in your own room for sure. I love to make myself feel cozy and sexy all the time. I mean, why not? (smile)

Lingerie – Bra sets

Svanna Plunge Underwired Bra by Agent Provocateur

What is Bra sets Lingerie? Where can lingerie sets be purchased? Bra sets mean bra + panties as a set. Normally just a regular set of same color with same design. Nowadays, people love to mix & match the bra and panties as what they like. It’s super creative and expressive through. The bra and panties always made with good and comfy fabrics because of it kisses your skin whole day. I especially like lace design, it brings myself so romantic and just want to chill and relax. It also makes me sexier than ever.

For the bra sets, you can always add on other accessories, like garter, stockings, or maybe a choker. (smile) I love to wear very sexy bra sets for dating or party. It brings me confident and Self-satisfaction, because I know I am super duper sexy now. (blush) My favorite game is…I will take off my panties and stuffed in my lover’s pocket while we are walking on the street or having dinner at restaurant. It was fun as always.

Lindie Demi Cup Plunge Underwired Bra by Agent Provocateur

I always like some see-through lingerie. I love this one brings me a romantic mood. The design is so high-end and elegant.

Ozella Plunge Underwired Bra by Agent Provocateur

This set is quite nasty. I actually make my lover going crazy when I holding the whip. (smile)

Ula Harness Bra Green by Pleasurements

I love this unique design with suspender belts and the special color. It looks so on trend and fashionable. I would love to get one later on.

Bondage Belle Longline Bralette Caramel by Pleasurements

I love this shiny color fabric, it makes me feel like I am floating in outer space.

Rey Bodice Bra Lilac by Pleasurements

The most romantic color definitely is PURPLE. This design looks a bit BDSM.

Venus Lingerie Set by Anya Lust

This set is a classic one. The silky materials surly is the most comfortable one. I love the prints and it can wear as daily.

Gigi Ouvert Lingerie Set by Anya Lust

Sometimes…vanilla isn’t enough…(smile)

Overall, I have so many different style of bra sets, because it is the most easy to buy and I technically no need to think how to mix and match with suspender belts and hosiery. Just grab the one which caught your eye. Believe your taste and be confident to get what will bring you happiness.

Lingerie – Bodysuit / Teddy

Flora Bodysuit Ivory by Pleasurements

What is bodysuit / Teddy Lingerie? A bodysuit is a piece of clothing similar to one-piece swimsuit. This is like a ready-to-wear piece as underwear is a really nice alternative to a regular lingerie set. It can stay comfortable all day under a skirt or dress.

For my personal favor, I love to pair with jeans to hang out with friends or even a date. It looks so stylish and modern. Here are some of my favorite bodysuit lingerie.

Tonia Body Black by Pleasurements

I love the see-through mesh on the top and the leather-ish fabric around the waist. Just put on a stocking, then it’s gonna be another style.

Rey Bondage Body Black by Pleasurements

Normally we would called this as “playsuit”. (smile) Just see the breast design is so crazy and naughty. If you love BDSM game, then it is surly a good choice.

Sugar Bodysuit by Agent Provocateur

I love this one is so romantic. It makes you wrap your body like a gift. I would love to wear during some holidays.

Sexy Lace Embroidery Mesh Teddy Bodysuit Lingerie by HAUTEFLAIR

I love the flora embroidery all over the bodysuit. It definitely can be a quite fashionable formal office wear with blazer.

Bracli Geneva Peal Thong Bodysuit by HAUTEFLAIR

The lace around the whole bodysuit is so elegant. It shows how softly can be a woman.

Wet Leather Lingerie Look One Shoulder Bodysuit by HAUTEFLAIR

I really like this design! It is so chic and cute! Just see the top design it mix and match different fabric to make it see-through but not totally can see everything. I can’t move my eyes from it when I saw it online. I would love to order one for myself soon.